Luxury Wedding Shooting - maiking of

photo: günter hofstädter
assistant: vipin mayer
model: julie böhm
fashion: vera design
h&m: marijana pusic
location: lusthaus vienna
music: mili sefic

video: manuel schmelzer.

Backstage Videos & Making of


GH2 - Amazonen Shooting from e-motions Videoproduktion on Vimeo.

Photo, concept idea and copyright by:
Günter Hofstädter

Chief Assistant and Light Vipin Mayer

Make Up and Special Effects : Brigitte Wigelbeyer

Design Assistan: Monika Radl

Fashion Design: Peter Svaricek
Adiddional Accessoir: Peter Papula
Technic: NPS-Austria

Video and Cut: Peter Berto Video by e -Motions Video Production

Making of Video "Nude Art Project"

Making of Video " Nude Art Project"
Shooting with Julie and Ketson

Light and Photo Assistant V. Mayer

Video by e -Motions Video Production

@ Günter Hofstädter

Making of " Warrior "

Making Of Video,
shooting indoor with Markus Kittner at Auto Spatny and a fantasy outdoor shooting with Bettina Thonhofer und Andreas Jericha.
Assistent: Vipin Mayer
Video : Frank Lukas
Thanks for the friedly support by Nikon Austria
©Günter Hofstädter

Top Model TV - Making of